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Palmer n : United States golfer (born in 1929) [syn: Arnold Palmer, Arnold Daniel Palmer]

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see Palmer


Etymology 1

From < palm + -er.


  1. A pilgrim who had been to the Holy Land and who brought back a palm branch in signification.
    Pilgrims and palmers plighted them together. -- P. Plowman.
    The pilgrim had some home or dwelling place, the palmer had none. The pilgrim traveled to some certain, designed place or places, but the palmer to all. -- T. Staveley.

Etymology 2

From the transitive verb palm.


  1. One who palms or cheats, as at cards or dice.



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Palmer may refer to:



*Palmer Archipelago, group of islands off the northwestern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula

Palmer High School


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  • Riggs v. Palmer, an 1889 court case in New York regarding inheritance after a murder
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